• October 1, 2021
  • AHU

YBS are delighted to have been recognised for helping and assisting Cheshire Police in upgrading their ventilation to be in accordance with the new Government Guidelines for COVID Prevention in Public Buildings, within the Warrington Museum of Policing .

YBS donated and installed two new ventilation systems to provide fresh air and filtration into the museum to allow for the re-launch of the museum in September.

The museum is located in the old Arpley Street police cells in Warrington and is a unique listed building and well worth a visit if in the area, for a look  back over the ages at the changing roles and services the Police Service has made in the Warrington area and beyond.

As a thank you for our services, Peter Hampson (Museum Manager and ex-serving Officer) arranged for Dave Broadhurst (YBS Director) to receive a Warrington Police Shield which was handed over by Neil Dunn (Chief Inspector of Warrington Local Policing Unit)

YBS would like to gratefully thank everyone involved in this fantastic project  and for recognising our services.