Yorkshire Building Services operates in new build, upgrade and design and build projects. We have been successful in reducing and maintaining low building costs year-on-year and are very proud of our continued growth and improvement. Through collaboration of the Design team, Project Managers and the Health and Safety Team, we can work hand-in-hand to design a project that is innovative, practical and cost-effective. With Health and Safety being a major factor, we look at every aspect of the project in order to eradicate potential hazards at the pre-construction phase.

From our manufacturing hub in Yorkshire, we can offer bespoke air-handling units, package plant and tank rooms and have recently manufactured a prototype biomass boiler house and feed hopper for a renewable energy company. Our aim is to deliver a complete product, which is not only commercially viable but also has performance, sustainability and quality from design through to installation.

Our maintenance and environmental divisions are a new but essential sector offering our clients a complete package. We value good relationships with our clients and this continues, long after the warranty period ends. Through extended warranty and asset replacement programmes, YBS has been integral in ensuring clients have been able to maximise the life expectancy of equipment and have undertaken many projects ensuring minimal impact to any operational needs.

Through thermal modelling of buildings, energy performance assessments and adopting brand new technology incentives, YBS has also been able to help clients to introduce high-efficiency equipment to reduce waste energy, and to improve running costs.