At Yorkshire Building Services we have a vast knowledge of energy and automation in the retail and leisure industry. We now offer energy and building automation controls to enhance our existing services, which can be incorporated into your project added or as a separate contract.

The automation control systems we build can be designed to support the needs of the building or facility operations while also offering the benefit of product enhancement. Using the highest level of market resources, we are not tethered to any one supplier, so can tailor the automation control systems to the project, bringing not only high efficiency to your building but also capitalising on the best available controls equipment on the market at any given time, while still maintaining future expansion and support.

Our resources can provide complete replacement solutions, such as control panels and field equipment, along with offering a repair and upgrade service for existing systems. By combining energy management skills our team can free up vital funds to help a business grow, by driving down operational costs and reducing energy costs, thereby utilising the savings to reduce expenditure, often with very attractive self payback periods.