• February 15, 2023
  • AHU

Not all of our customers have the option of closing down and stopping their operations to facilitate essential maintenance and this can make life and an MEP Contractor difficult.

This isn’t the case for YBS, we have yet again undertaken the replacement of six, new cooling units at high level within an existing and very busy warehouse, without any loss of time or production for our client.

Through careful planning, listening and understanding our clients requirements, Team YBS undertook the replacement of over 10 tonnes of high level equipment utilising spider cranes, bespoke Air Handling Units and new structural steelwork in a safe and timely manner over a few days.

Although the works zones were isolated from non-authorised staff in accordance with CDM requirements, the impact on the clients operations facility was nil.

The feedback from the client was as if this had been carried out by “wizardry” and although we don’t profess to be magicians we do feel we absolutely smashed this install.

Congratulations to all our on site team members and the assistance and believe in our customer and clients.

One of the many new high level cooling units, replaced at high level on its new bespoke access steelwork